Comune di Telti

Provincia di Sassari
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The Village - Telti

Telti is situated in a wonderful position only 12 km from Olbia and 20 km from Tempio. The scenary surrounding the village is made up of thousand year old wild olive trees, oaks and junipers growing among amazing rock formations. In the area of Monte Pino, not far from Telti, you can still admire a forest of Pinus Pinaster, a precious residue of the ancient original “atlantic” forests that, due to the change in climate, don’t exist anymore. The little town revolves around the Piazza Duomo built in the local granite rock and the 1899 Santa Vittoria church in 1700 style. In the region there are many archaeological sites that testimony the importance of the place in nuraghic times. During the Roman domination Telti was an important joint on the Roman road connecting Karales (Cagliari) to Olbia. Here stationed a military camp. In medieval era the town was called “Villa Torcis”. Under the Spanish rule, the village was completely abandoned by the XIV century. In the 1800, people from the surrounding areas coming to attend the celebrations in the church of Santa Anatolia, started to build their houses around it. Later, when the Parish church of Santa Vittoria was built, they did the same around it. The economy is based on agriculture. Handicrafts activity such as iron and granite processing. Numerous farms have now started to open to Farm holiday.